Apr 04, 2022 · This can lead to a faster development time. Even in spite of that, there still is no best culture in the game. As a general tip, pick the culture that best suits your goal for the empire. If you want to focus on ramping up food production, then choose Japan. However, if you want to have a better attack rate for your ground troops, pick China.. "/>

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Jun 30, 2017 · With the update yesterday, we need to know how many levels can you upgrade the keep. After the initial upgrade to level 2 it shows you could donate again. So we did and when donations were maxed again no option to upgrade to level 3. That's 80 million in resources just sitting there. Need clarification please. The current max level is level 2.. At k27, an arsenal can be built, and once built, troops can be upgraded. Only troops above t10 can be upgraded. (10->11, 11->12, 12->13, 13->14) Troops under t9 cannot be upgraded. Upgrading requires resources. Upgrading is not instantaneous, it takes time. (Can be completed instantly by paying gems.) Barracks, Archer camps, Stables, and.

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